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DVCI goes beyond the numbers to understand the story behind the business. That is what makes a good valuation.
What are the assets driving the value and how do they interact?

Depending on the industry, specific assets are more predominant than others. Patents, trade names, copyrights and intangible assets such as know how and customer relationships all have their own characteristics and ability to generate value.

If the interplay between intangible assets is managed properly these assets can be a rich source of value creation. However, the risk profile of intellectual property and intangible assets is often high and since no effective market for this kind of assets is currently available their market value is not optimized.

At DVCI we are used to discuss the dynamics of intangible assets with the client at C-level and together align corporate strategy and value creation via intangibles. The multi-disciplinary background and experience of our people make it easier to get to the core of the matter fast and enables management to make thoughful business decisions.